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Peças bordadas à mão com inspiração e luxo oriental. Produtos de alta qualidade em seda e viscose para uma mulher com gosto para o exclusivo.

Bikinis that use a steady modeling and invest on the variety of patterns, always creative in each collection, bringing a fresh and relaxed air to beachwear.

Beachwear, shoes and accessories inspired on the feminine dynamism and on the exuberance of the nature to compose sophisticated, sexy and happy looks, which reflect the Brazilian spirit.

The details make the difference in these bikinis: the best stretches and impeccable finishing, together with the charm of the patterned lining, a symbol of the brand.

Wealth, luxury and glamour can represent the accessories made by the Greek designer, with a company in Germany. With a touch of modernity and refinement, the products can be considered as real art.

Combining the riches of the Golden grass with the talent of the local handcrafters from Jalapão, the brand produces from décor objects until purses and exclusive jewelry, with the look of Brazil.

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Clients we represent in Brazil

Focused on t-shirts, jumpers and knitwear, Lauren Moshi brings together corky patterns and the comfort of high-tech fabrics. The brand values simple cuts with flattering fit.

The German designer mixes plaited leather, metals and Swarovski crystals to create unique bracelets, necklaces and rings. The brand has reinvented handmade accessories with a great touch of modernity and sophistication.

Casa di Stella: Accessories in all styles and for every occasion! This is the versatile mission of German brand Casa di Stella, presenting collections with a great variety of hats, bags, wash bags, scarves and sandals.

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